Caring For Your Pet

Whether you've had companion animals your whole life or you've just rescued your very first, you may have questions about your pet's health, safety, behaviour, and training. We've compiled links to some comprehensive and easy-to-read resources to help you find the answers you need!:

Finding Help and Hope

PET Projects is committed to seeing pets stay with the people that love them. If you or someone you know is a pet owner facing tough times and in need a helping hand, we may be able to help as funds and resources are available. Here are some programs that we have available:

  • Emergency Medical Care Subsidy: If your pet has an injury or illness and the treatment is out of your reach, apply here for financial assistance.
  • Spay/Neuter Subsidy: Spaying and neutering is an important part of responsible pet ownership. If you have rescued a pet in Shelburne County and need financial help to afford this vital operation, apply here!
  • Emergency Pet Food/Supplies: PET Projects has a supply of food and litter that we are happy to make available to rescuers and to owners in emergency situations. These are available through food banks in Shelburne County, or contact us to learn more.
  • "Roof Over Rover": PET supporters and volunteers have donated supplies and time to build or refurbish dog houses, helping to make sure that canine companions have a safe and warm place to escape the elements when outdoors. Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit from this service.

Is there another way we can help? We'll do our best --- let us know!

Sometimes it is in an animal's best interest to find a new forever-family. If you or someone you know needs help finding a home for a pet, visit our Finding Homes for Homeless Pets section.


Resource Index

Help for Rescuers: If you have recently rescued a dog or cat that is in need of a forever-home, we can help!

Help for Pet Owners: Learn the ins and outs of responsible pet ownership, including how to choose the right foods, the facts about spaying and neutering, teaching safe pet interaction to children, and much more! From here you can also find out how to access social services such as emergency veterinary care, spay/neuter subsidy, and emergency pet food and supplies.

Lost and Found: Read or post community notices about lost and found pets, and learn steps to take to help reunite pets and their owners!

Advocacy: Learn how to respond to animal abuse and neglect, learn what you can do to bring about change in the laws that protect pets, and find links about animal issues.

Cat Colonies: Learn about the consequences and conditions of dumped cats in Shelburne County, report existing cat colonies, and find out what you can do to help!

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